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24v/48v DC Power System

Product model : C003

Brand : SETEC Power

Product origin : Shenzhen, China

24v/48v DC Power System Description

1. 24v/48v DC Power System has two parts, one is PFC adjust; the other is DC/DC transformation.All technology make the wide input voltage range(85v-290v).

2. High efficiency rectifier modules used soft switch technology, while load rate 10%, then efficiency can be 91%,50% load the efficiency can be above 96%

3. Digital signal collection via an internal RS485 bus; RS232 interface for remote operation.

4. Hot-swappable technology, plug and play, N+1 redundancy, extension slots. 24v/48v DC Power System using Low-pressure difference automatic current sharing technology between modules.

5. EMI circuit provides a stable, reliable power to the load.24v/48v DC Power System adopted stepless current limiter technology, output current is continuously adjustable.

6. Adopted stepless temperature control speed, it can reduce power consumption and prolong the life of the fan· Sharing load,equalized-current imbalance<3%.

7. Optional Ethernet interface through SNMP and/or TCP/IP. Controller MCU·Fan use stepless temperature control to reduce losses and noise. Dual input AC and DC load power supply is reliable.

8. Pairs of soft-switching technology and circuit topology. Dry contact alarm and out of the system function, more secure and more stable

9. 2U height, 19 inch rack,light weight ,high power density. Active power factor compensation technology, the power factor is 0.9999.

48V rectifier module SET1648

·When load rate is 10%, efficiency can reach 91%; when load rate is 50%, efficiency can reach above 96%.

·Active power filter technology highly reduces reflected noise.

·Small size, light weight, high efficiency and low noise.

·Over/low voltage protection, over current protection, short-circuit protection through sound and light alarm·Stepless current limiting technology, output current is continuously adjustable.

·Adopt stepless temperature control automatic speed adjustment, reduce power consumption and extend the life of the fan.

·Sharing load,Equalized- current imbalance≦3%

·2U height, light weight, high power density

·High conversion efficiency

24V rectifier module

·The remote monitor signal output, simplify the monitoring difficulty.

·With Auto equalized output in low-gap voltage of modules technology when the monitor module or individual rectifier is a failure

the other modules can maintain current sharing.

Distribution unit

·shunt load with short-circuit and overcurrent protection, shunt capacity can be adjusted according to user requirements.

·Battery input should connect with an external fuse protector or air switch, has a short circuit, over current protection and alarm functions, and can detect fault conditions.

·safe operation: With the host computer own password and dual authentication, greatly protect system parameters safety.·Power off auto/manual, load off on/off control switch, etc.

·Battery current, the total load current can be detected.

·All DC outputs have fault detection function.

·LVDS2 function to protect load and battery.

·Capacity of MCB in each channel is 50A.

Communication protocol

·Parameter setting is comprehensive, detailed: slave module time setting, temperature compensation setting, output over/low voltage setting, boost charge time setting,

·over-voltage and recovery voltage setting, boost charge setting.

Technical Data

Input voltage (AC)85V-290V
Output voltage (DC)                   48V (42V-59V Continuously adjustable)
Output current (A)15A20A30A40A50A
Max. power (W)800W1000W1600W2300W2900W
Operating temperature-25℃ ~ 65℃
Relative Humidity≤97%RH
Load regulation≤0.5%
Voltage regulation≤0.10%

Technical Data

Input voltage (AC)85V-290V
Output voltage (DC)                   24V (21V-29V Continuously adjustable)
Output current (A)30A40A50A70A
Power (W)800W1000W1400W2100W
Operating temperature-25℃ ~ 65℃
Relative Humidity≤97%RH
Load regulation≤0.5%
Voltage regulation≤0.10%

In line with the characteristics of the rack - mounted ,suitable for all kinds of exchange, room, base stations , satellite communications,data communications,railways and power systems and other power fluctuationsin a wide range of occasions .

The advanced modular design makes the whole system is small,can provide sufficient power to meet the requirements of the communication system .

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