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SET-QM EV Charging Module

Brand : SETEC Power

Product origin : Shenzhen, China

SET-QM EV Charging Module Description

1. SETEC Power is providing state-of-the-art electronic modules to be integrated in DC fast charging station. Each module is CHAdeMO, CCS and GB/t compliant and can be stacked in pile.

2. SETDC modules operate in master or BMS mode. Your public charging stations now communicate via CHAdeMO/CCS. Each stackable 10kW power module can be deployed in a variety of use cases depending on the power output requirement (e.g. 20kw for the home or garage, or 50kw for a public charging station).

3. Specialist in power conversion, SETEC Power is looking for to supply you with all the electronics to be integrated in your project for public charging stations.

SET-QM EV Charging Module Features

1. Module with full resonance, double soft-switching principles of design, efficiency > 96%;

2. Module with full isolation design. Module control part is fully isolated with the input and output of the main circuit. When some external factors will produce high voltage of module input or output part, internal module control circuit will not damage;

3. PCB with epoxy coating should be dampproof and dustproof;

Multiple anti-reverse-current protection design to prevent the intrusion of various fault current phenomenon;

4. SCM module built by CAN \ RS485 port communication.Monitoring system can monitor the module and operating condition;

5. Input uses three-phase four-wire , three-phase equilibrium; 

6. With LCD display, real-time display module output voltage, current, easy operation and monitoring;

7. Regulators, current limiting function. It can be charged the battery groups and carried the load with the set voltage and current. When the output current is greater than the current limit ,module automatically works on steady flow operation;when the output current is less than the current limit ,it works on voltage regulator condition;

8. Work in parallel. The same model module can work in parallel and share current. If one module failed,it will not affect the whole system operation;

9. Output voltage and current regulation. It can adjust the output voltage and the maximum current limit via background monitoring;

10. Hot-swap. You can either plug in any one module to make access to or remove it from the system without affecting the normal operation;

11. LCD shows module parameters, and Status Indicator;

12. Protection and alarm: input, short-circuit, over temperature, overvoltage, and alarm indication.

EV module technical datasheet

Input voltageAC305-520
Output voltageDC100-450VDC200-700V
Max Output current23A14A
Rated Output power10Kw
Max output voltage470+15V770+15V
Regulation accuracy<±0.5%
precision of steady current<±1%
Ripple factor<±0.5%
Efficiency>95% (Load:50~100%)
Power factor>0.99
unequal current ratio<±5%
Soft start time3~8s
Dielectric strengthIVP input&output, input&chassis AC2000V,
1min, No breakdown, no flashover;
IVS input,output &chassis AC1000V,
1min, No breakdown, no flashover
Insulation ResistanceDC1000V, >10MQ
Working temperature-25TC~65TC
Storage temperature-40°C~70°C
Relative humidityWorking<90%, Storage<95%
Noise<55db/Fan cooled
Parallel modules No.N<64
Power surgeNO
IP degreeIP21
Safety CertificationCompliance with 3C certification
Size (mm)374 (D) x482 (W) x88 (H)
CoolFan cooled
Communication portRS485/CAN
FunctionsControl: ON/OFF, One line/Off line, Float/boost charge
Set: Output voltage, output limit current
Test: Output voltage,output current, working temperature
Communication: ON/OFF status, Fails

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