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1. Solar pump system requires battery or not?

No need battery. Water storage replaces battery
2.What’s main application of solar pump system?
The solar pumping system is widely used for sea island water supply, desert controlling, daily life water supplying, agricultural irrigation, forest irrigation, farm irrigation, waterscape, and water treatment project.
3. If inverter is 220v/3phase, can it run 380v, 3phase motor?
NO. 220v/3phase solar pump inverter can’t run 380v/3phase motor.
4.What is your solar pump inverter protection?
A: dry well
B: output overload
C: over voltage
D: over temperature
F: over current
G: reverse polarity
5.Inverter connects to city power when is no sunshine to keep system pumping water. This function is available?
6.Can you supply a weatherproof box to mount the solar pump inverter in?
Yes, we can.