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After-sale Service

 Dear My Customer: 

Thank you for choosing SETEC products! If you have any questions when using any of our products, or any after-sales issues, please feel free to send an e- mail to our customer service. We will do our best to serve you!
Please follow the procedures below:
Fault identification: if a failure occurs while you are using our product, please send an e-mail to our customer service.If the problem still remains after communication with our after-sales service staff, they will advise you to send the product to our factory for inspection and repair based on the actual condition.

Scope of warranty: SETEC products shall be maintained strictly in accordance with our after-sales commitment. See below for specific warranty coverage.
1. The SETEC product purchased is still within the warranty period (two year from the date of purchase, with a valid sales receipt or series number as evidence).
2. Damages not caused by improper use, overloading use, or failure to operate or maintain the product in accordance with the manual.
3.Damages due to quality-related factors, but not due to user abuse.
4.Damages not caused by irresistible factors (e.g. earthquakes, typhoons, flooding and other natural disasters).
Product shipping: After getting repair advice from our after-sales service staff, please ship the product to our After-sales Service Centre in Shenzhen for inspection and repair.
Shipping and handling cost:
1. For SETEC products within the warranty scope, the shipping costs to and from the company shall be borne together by SETEC and the customer. The customer shall be responsible for the return shipping charges of the product to our company, while we shall be responsible for the transportation costs of the repaired or replaced product to the customer.
2. For products that do not fall within the warranty scope, the shipping costs to and from the company shall be borne solely by the customer.
Upon receiving the SETEC product that is in need of repair, our staff will get back to the customer with the evaluation result within 3 working days, and will confirm and inform the customer of any charges needed for the repair.
1.  Please do not send any accessories or parts to us if they are not defective.
2.  Before sending the product to us, please note down the nature of the problem and send it to our after-sales service staff via e-mail so that we can complete the repair or replacement within a week according to the product’s condition.