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dc dc converter applications:Stop by Booth 1527 at the NAFA 2017 Institute & Expo in Tampa, FL

As the preferred charging solution provider for EIGHT major automotive brands, we invite you to stop by our booth #1527 to learn about our charging and installation solutions. 


Our EVSE-RS charging station has best-in-class advanced safety features and reliability, backed by our unparalleled warranty service.

Faster charging (over 5x faster than standard 120v cord set) which means more miles, faster. Quickly recharge between trips. 

Eight major auto brand’s preferred charging solution provider.

Designed and tested beyond UL requirements

Safe, reliable and easy-to-use

30 amp, 7.2 kW charging capability 25' cable for mounting flexibility

Rugged and weatherproof

Installation services available from licensed, bonded and trained installers

3 year warranty on parts and labor



There’s a reason the largest automotive manufacturers in the world trust our charging solutions and recommend them to their customers. Stop by our booth to find out why, and learn more about our products. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Please feel free to send your inquiry to following Email. We will reply you within 2 hours
Email : info@setec-power.com
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