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digital battery tester 12v:Top 5 Reasons We Love EVs (and You Should, Too!)

We all agree that electric cars are a great addition to creating a better, healthier environment. Every driver does their part to save the environment simply by driving an EV. It’s cleaner than driving a gasoline-powered car and as an added reward, EV drivers save on fuel costs!


We’re excited to see EVs gaining in popularity – and we’re here to share 5 reasons why they’ll become even more popular in the years ahead:


Save money: Electricity is cheaper than gasoline. EV drivers save money every time they “refuel” compared to what they’d spend filling up an ICE (gas-guzzling) vehicle. Drivers can also maximize their savings by accessing cheaper electricity at night or during other off-peak times.

Enjoy Earth Day…every day! Electric cars are better for the environment. From climate to air quality, EVs are green almost anywhere they charge. Less pollution is the best solution.

Harness your solar panel power: Hook up your EV to your home’s solar panels and instantly make your EV a whole lot greener!

Fulfill your ‘need for speed’: If you like the thrill of fast cars, EVs have constant torque!

Delight in the quiet: Unlike the roar of ICE vehicles, EVs are super silent.

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