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electric car charging stations price:Fastned executes Freedom Plan ahead of schedule, introduces fast charging for 19ct/kWh

With the new Fastned Power price plan, everyone can charge at Fastned for the price of green electricity at home. This also makes electric driving financially attractive for those 75% of households in The Netherlands who do not have access to their own driveway. For the same price, you can charge up to 15X faster throughout the Netherlands at 51 Fastned stations.

The Fastned Plan

Owners of electric vehicles who have access to their own driveway can charge with green power for 19 cent per kWh. Electric vehicle owners without their own driveway are dependent on publicly accessible charging facilities. Fastned wants to offer all electric drivers access to fast, good value charging infrastructure. We aim to achieve this by using the economies of scale, to bring the cost of charging down as far as possible.

This is the Fastned plan:

(1) Give freedom to drivers of electric vehicles by building subsequently a national and a European network of fast charging stations;

(2) The more electric vehicles hit the road, the better fast charging stations are shared between these cars - which means a higher utilization of capacity;

(3) The faster fast charging gets - from 50 kW today to 300 kW around 2019 - the more cars can charge per station per hour;

(4) The more electricity sold, the better we we can utilize our network, the cheaper we can offer our green kilowatthours to customers.

With the introduction of the Fastned Power price plan, we bring the future forward and lower the barriers for driving an electric vehicle for everyone. This accelerates the transition towards electric mobility.

A fixed price per month

For the power price plan, Fastned only charges a fixed fee per month. Fastned does not charge for starting a charging session, does not charge for a charge card (there is none) and there are no hidden costs. Fastned uses this fixed fee to pay for the fast chargers, the grid connections, the free wifi at all stations, the maintenance of locations and chargers, employees (like customer support), expansion of the network and the guarantee of reliability.

These monthly costs are not that different from a charging point at home. The costs of your own charge point, inculding installation, quickly add up to EUR 1500. Add to this the often incurred monthly subscription fees of ~ EUR 5 per month, plus maintenance and repairs if things break down. For the same price, you can have Fastned Power for more than 6 years.

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