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electric vehicle charger manufacturers:use power demand to invest in solar & wind farms

Solar energy is on a path to become the cheapest and most sustainable form of electricity we know. It’s therefore interesting to consider that the solar production curve matches the user pattern of Fastned charging stations.


Solar power matches fast charging

With few electric cars on the road today, the graph is an aggregate of charging sessions on many days and at many stations. As all cars become electric, the use of charging stations will become a more predictable, smooth load during the day.

With millions of electric cars on the road, the electricity demand resulting from daytime fast charging will result in significant electricity demand. Fastned will have a predictable load curve which can be matched by installing solar panels. This is an ideal foundation for vertical integration of Fastned. By building our own utility scale solar power arrays we can expand renewable power generation while lowering our electricity costs. Furthermore, we will use battery buffers at our stations to optimise grid connection capacity and manage peak demand on the grid.

Solving the chicken and egg problem

The capital expenditure for a charging network that equals that of gasoline stations today is simply too large for a single company. We’re not going to build these thousands of fast charging stations alone. Our goal of 100% electric cars can only be achieved when other parties join us in building fast charging stations. Hopefully, our network of stations will accelerate the growth of great charging infrastructure by showing others what a premium charging experience can and should look like.

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