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industrial ac to dc converter:Stop By Booth #516 at the 2016 Mopar California, Denver & West Service and Parts Business Center Conference

Our EVSE-RS residential charging station is best-in-class with advanced safety features, dependability, and service. 

Faster charging (over 5x faster than standard 120v cord set) which equals more electric miles


Quickly recharge between trips


Mopar's preferred charging solution provider


Designed and tested beyond UL requirements


Safe, reliable and easy-to-use


30 amp, 7.2kW charging capability


25' cable for mounting flexibility


Rugged and weatherproof


Installation services available from licenesed, bonded and trained installers


3 year warranty on parts and labor 


Get a FREE AeroVironment Video Display when you buy 4 TurboCords!



The video display allows you to educate your customers about EV charging options to help increase your sales and customer satisifaction scores. Encourgae your customers to watch the videos before they test drive, or as soon as they ask about charging to show them how easy owning and charging an EV really is. 



Educational videos for customers and salespeople


Actual TurboCord unit featured on the display


Brochures explaining our Level 2 charging options (TurboCord & EVSE-RS)


Portable and small food print design for countertops 



We're looking forward to meeting you! 

Please feel free to send your inquiry to following Email. We will reply you within 2 hours
Email : info@setec-power.com
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