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most efficient dc dc converter:A day with the Bolt EV

Right now, at a house in Palo Alto, CA, automotive journalists are getting the chance to experience what it’s like to actually live with a Bolt EV for a day. A diverse assortment of media from the U.S. and Canada are able to see what it looks like to own, charge and live with the hotly anticipated vehicle, and a glimpse of the potential electrified future.




AeroVironment is the preferred charging partner for the Bolt EV, and our own Jonah Teeter-Balin is on hand at the event to act as a charging expert for any potential questions. This wonderful event is a perfect opportunity to educate and inform the media about what having an EV looks like, and how the Bolt EV eliminates so many of the perceived worries about EVs.



With AV’s Level 2 chargers the Bolt EV takes only 8.5 hours to recharge a completely depleted battery, and once charged you’ll be able to drive another 238 miles before charging again. With the average American’s daily commute of less than 20 miles a day one way, you could drive all week on one charge, get all your errands done, and still have enough range to go out!


Standard, lower power cordsets don’t supply the same kind of charge time that AV’s 32A EVSE-RS provides, and could take up to 42 hours to fully recharge the Bolt EV. That’s why we’re proud to be an official accessory and charging partner to the Bolt EV and to make the lifestyle on display at the media event within the reach of almost everyone.



Chevy’s commitment to innovation, affordability and safety are on display at the event, and we’re proud to share that commitment, and to be a part of it. We’re doing our part to make owning an EV painless and open to everyone, which is why all of our charging products are UL-certified, and our installer network fully trained and ready to help.



We’re very excited to see the great coverage that comes out of this event from all of the North American automotive journalists in attendance, and to be a partner with Chevy in ringing in the EV future with the Bolt EV.

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