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outdoor electric car charger:10 Reasons to invest in Fastned

Electric cars are on their way! Already 5% of new cars sold in the Netherlands have a plug and just under 1% is fully electric. Nearly all car manufacturers are developing electric cars and are investing in production capacity to mass-produce EV’s. The ‘Kodak moment’ is not far away.

By investing in Fastned you help to create a nationwide network of serious charging stations. This will give freedom to EV drivers.

Charging stations are the servicestations of the future. You now have a unique opportunity to step in at the start of this major development. It’s like investing in Shell 100 years ago.

Fastned has a very solid basis: 201 concession rights to unique highway locations for the duration of 15 years. This gives Fastned sufficient time to build the business and generate a significant return on investment.

The Fastned network in the Netherlands will serve as a stepping stone for the rest of Europe. This means that you invest in more than just a network of 201 stations.

Fastned utilises a proven shareholder structure that provides investors absolute certainty what will be done with their money. A similar structure has already been used succesfully for many years by Triodos Bank.

Fastned is a small and efficient organisation that is focussed on realising just one goal: the realisation of a nationwide network of fast charging stations.

The Dutch and EU governments have set ambitious targets that support EV’s. The EU has agreed with car manufacturers that in 2020 average carbon emissions of new cars will be under 95 grams per kilometer. This will only be possible if a large percentage of these cars have a plug. The Dutch Government aims for 200.000 EV’s in 2020 and one million by 2025.

The number of charging poles cannot keep up with the growth of the number of EV’s. As a result there is a growing shortage of charging infrastructure. Fastned will fill this gap and will quickly become one of the largest suppliers in this new market.

The world changes quicker than you think. Fastned has concessions for 15 years, during which time a lot can happen. For example, not many people had a mobile phone 15 years ago. What will cars look like 15 years from now?

Lastly, we do not want to dissappoint anybody. Do not invest in Fastned if you do not believe in what we do. Fastned is based on a vision of the future which - by it’s nature - is uncertain. We do not claim to know for sure what the world will look like 15 years from today.

Therefore, we also present you with five reasons not to invest in Fastned

You do not believe in the breakthrough of the EV as a replacement of fossil fuel cars. Or maybe you think that the future belongs to Hydrogen?

You do not believe that batteries in EV’s will get bigger making it necessary to charge faster.

You think that people will only charge at home or at the office (Note: 74% of Dutch households do not have a private driveway) and not (also) en-route where the battery runs out.

You do not believe that the Dutch and EU governments will stick to agreements dealing with the reduction of harmful emissions for cars.

You do not believe that the Fastned team can pull off this plan.

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