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portable charging station for electric cars:The Fastned Freedom Plan

Cars with internal combustion engines are a disaster for our health, the climate, and offer a poor driving experience. The sooner we switch to sustainable electric transport, the brighter our future will be. Fastned was founded with the goal of building the core fast charging infrastructure needed to end the era of vehicles with toxic exhaust emissions. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean electric vehicles by giving them freedom. We believe there's a huge opportunity to reinvent service stations along high traffic locations to make travel fundamentally cheaper, cleaner and more enjoyable.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why I think fast charging stations in particular are key to making electric vehicles a mainstream success and how Fastned aims to scale its network.

Driving force behind the electric car: learning curve for batteries

The electric revolution is well under way. Lithium-ion battery prices have plunged in the past ten years. This graph from an article in Nature Climate Change by Björn Nykvist & Måns Nilsson sums it up:


Source: Nature Climate Change 5, 329–332 (2015). Statement made by GM (October, 2015) was added by Fastned.

Lithium-ion battery prices will continue to decrease, while energy density of battery packs continues to increase. This rate of progress is not as high as we see with computer chips, but it does resemble technology learning curves of solar panels and LCD panels. Lithium-ion batteries are rapidly becoming a commodity.

In the near future, this means electric cars will be cheaper and have longer range. This is great, but electric cars will only succeed when they provide at least the same degree of freedom which is offered by conventional gas powered vehicles. The obvious missing link, then, is a dense network of fast charging stations for electric cars.

At Fastned, we modestly refer to this goal as the ‘Fastned Freedom Plan’. There are four phases (which will overlap at times):

(1) Get started in the Netherlands;

(2) Roll out a pan-European network;

(3) Drive down prices for customers through faster charging;

(4) Use power demand to invest in solar & wind farms.

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