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portable ev charging station:Phase I: start in the Netherlands

Our first goal is to build a nationwide network of charging stations at the best locations in the Netherlands. We jump-started the network by securing over 200 15-year concessions of prime locations directly along the Dutch highway. In order to build a huge international network of stations it’s important to get the basics of station-building right. Fastned is designed as a machine to churn out cheap, reliable, standardised stations.


Standardised Fastned station

At this point you may wonder why we build stations, which are obviously more expensive and cumbersome to construct than individual chargers. We believe stations with a solar panel roof (as pictured above) are the best solution for fast charging large numbers of electric cars. There are three key reasons for this: high visibility, standardisation and redundancy.

High visibility and familiarity. Stations provide shelter and - perhaps more importantly - their very form makes their intention strikingly visible. Everyone can see the infrastructure is there, and this visibility is crucial for customers to find us. Fastned stations have the look and feel of regular gas station - except that they run on renewable electricity!

Standardised for all (future) electric cars. At our stations, all electric cars can be charged quickly - be it a Tesla Model S, Volkswagen e-Golf, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf or Renault ZOE. All our stations have at least two multi-standard fast chargers (CCS and CHAdeMO) and room for eight. All Fastned stations are designed to handle future generations of electric cars and future generations of faster chargers.

Reliable and redundant. We believe that stations with multiple fast chargers have fundamental advantages over individual chargers. Multiple chargers guarantee redundancy (if one is out of order you can still charge). Moreover, the waiting time is vastly reduced: the chance that a single charger is occupied is relatively high, but decreases significantly with more fast chargers. Each additional charger therefore decreases the possibility that you have to wait before you can start charging.

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