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portable level 2 ev charger:Combustion engines cannot compete with electric motors

As battery prices continue to fall and more people start to appreciate electric cars, the internal combustion engine and the traditional European car manufacturers are facing the perfect storm. They have to comply with ever stricter emission regulations and deal with a changing public attitude towards exhaust emissions.

There are three reasons why I believe electric motors are the future.


1 // 100% Electric is the new normal for “Freude am fahren”


Full electric 1000 HP Aston Martin ‘RapidE’. Expected to be market ready in 2017.

“We’re a V-12 engine company. Project that into the future. Do I go the way of the rest of the industry and downsize the engine? Do I see Aston Martin with a three-cylinder engine? God forbid. You’ve got to do something radical. Electric power gives you that power. It gives you that torque.”

-Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin

The joy of driving — “Freude am fahren” as BMW calls it — is no longer possible with internal combustion engines. The internal combustion engine has reached the limits of physics. It may be able to meet stricter emission regulations for the time being, but this results in a dull driving experience.



Source: European Commission. After 2021 we rely on projections.

In the coming decade emission regulation forces cars to become even cleaner, which will in turn make fossil fuel cars more expensive. In the EU for example, car companies will have to comply with an average CO2-emission throughout their fleet of 95 grams per km in 2021. This means that within six years the entire fleet sold by Daimler should have exhaust emissions similar to a Fiat Panda. So car companies can still build a growling flat six cylinder Porsche, but they have to offset this with a zero emission car. In other words, to comply with emission regulations car makers don’t have many options left but to sell serious numbers of fully electric cars.

Electric cars have massive torque from the moment you hit the pedal, which makes them better than gasoline equivalents. And they can deliver hundreds of horsepowers without any emission scheme to worry about.

Soon you’ll face the choice between a fun, quickly accelerating electric car, which can be charged on pure sunlight and which might earn some tax breaks — and a dull, heavily taxed fossil car which is banned from city center and packed with expensive emission controls.

This may well be the reason Volkswagen resorted to cheating the emission tests. Building cars with an internal combustion engine that combines great performance and low emissions simply wasn’t possible at low costs.

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