120 kWh Emergency mobile EV charging system

SETEC Power has just launched a cutting-edge mobile emergency charging system with a whopping capacity of 120kWh, designed to quickly charge any electric vehicle, even in the most remote areas. With its advanced technology, this charging system is compatible with all electric vehicles and can fully charge them in record time. The best part? This charging system doesn’t require any infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly charging stations. Whether you’re a fleet operator, car dealer, or any other business in need of reliable and efficient emergency charging solutions, SETEC Power’s new mobile charging system is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on this innovative and game-changing technology that is set to revolutionize the EV charging industry.


  • Charging services can be provided without the need for permits or time-consuming construction, making it extremely convenient.

  • The new mobile emergency charging system is equipped with a powerful 120kWh battery pack, providing up to 120kW of DC power for electric vehicle charging, with fast charging speed and high efficiency.

  • The charging system can be quickly deployed to locations where timely charging is required, including roadside or remote areas, providing reliable and efficient charging even in the most remote locations.

  • Charging with this system can help avoid the high costs associated with supplemental power during peak hours, effectively reducing operating costs.

  • The charging system can be supplemented by public EV charging stations with CCS2 or CCS1, CHAdeMO, Type 2, or Type 1 charging cables to provide more comprehensive charging services.

  • The charging system can provide DC fast charging for any DC-compatible electric vehicle, supporting multiple charging interfaces such as CCS1 or CCS2, CHAdeMO, Tesla, and more.

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Application scenarios

Technical specifications

InputAC Grid3 phase 300-440VAC
CHAdeMOCHAdeMO input from public EV charger
CCSCCS1 or CCS2 input from public EV charger
AC typetype 1 or type 2 input from public EV charger
DC outputpower120kw
Charger plugCHAdeMO CHAdeMO cable for charging EV car
CCSCCS1 or CCS2 cable for charging EV car
GB/TGB/T cable for charging EV car (optional)
Battery SystemBattery Capacity (KWH)120
Cell chemistryLithium iron phosphate LiFeP04
DoD % (depth of discharge)90%
Working Temperaturecharge: -20~55℃/ Discharge: -20~ 65℃
Communication Protocol RS485/CAN/LAN
Cycle life (0.3C)6000 times, 100%DOD @25°C
Structure DesignInstallation Method mount it into van/trail with 4 wheels
Charging OutletCCS2 ,CCS1,Chademo,GBT are optional
Cable Length5 m (standard)
LED Indicator3 indicators
LCD screen10 inch touchscreen shows EV charger status
7 inch touchscreen shows battery status
Emergency Stop ButtonYes
CommunicationEN-GATE v.s.ChargerCAN 2.0(CHAdeMO,GB/T)
EN-GATE v.s.BackendEthernet/WIFI,3G and 4G are optional
Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6 (JSON)
Dimension And Weight (Size Reference Only)Dimension (L x W x H)2080 x 1000 x 1530 mm
Weight (KG)1350

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