Tesla CCS Adapter

SETEC ccs adapter, the first tesla ccs adapter.

Perhaps you have never thought of long-distance travelling, even if it is simple, drove to Las Vegas. It would be absolutely terrible for electric vehicles, is a kind of inhuman torture. You can never know how to find in the desert, the suitable Tesla charging station. Even though you finally arrive at the destination, Las Vegas. All you can find is just 11 Tesla Superchargers, you are inevitably going to queue up. Even if not in Las Vegas, drive to Canada, also can be a choice as a tourist destination, especially for a Tesla owner like you. Travelling, enjoy life and working are always equally important. But when you are facing to the thousands of electric car charging station in the United State, have you wondered how it feels when you don’t need to care about the low-battery alert on the big screen, or even need to search on map to find where there is Tesla Superchargers. Just within Tesla CCS Adapter on the car’s trunk, you will be able to wake up from power anxiety, breathe free breath of life.

Tesla CCS Adapter Features:

*Tesla now can also use it on CCS1 charger everywhere.
*100% Tesla Saver from out of power in the wild.
*Traveling Partner keep you far from charging trouble.
*Supercharger replacement for Tesla owners.

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  • 30kW Wall-mounted DC fast EV Charger

  • Suitable for home using when you need to charge for your Tesla

  • 100A powerful for charging needs

  • Especially for Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, personal use at home or garage.

Tesla CCS Adapter Using Scenario:

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tesla ccs adapter scence 4
tesla ccs adapter scence 1
tesla ccs adapter scence 2

Tesla CCS Adapter Data Sheet:

Model SET-S4-T1
Current 200A
Voltage 100-1000Vdc
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Enclosure Rating IP54
*There is one CCS combo 1 charger, when the Tesla with US standard vehicle inlet come , then can not charge the Tesla . In this case , will need to our tesla CCS adapter.
*Both two side with plug , one side connect with CCS combo 1 plug , the other side will connect with electric car vehicle inlet.
*USB for software update.

Tesla CCS Adapter Certifications:

Tesla CCS Adapte CE Certificate

CE Certificate

Tesla CCS Adapte fcc certificate

FCC Certificate

Tesla CCS Adapte KC Certificate

KC Certificate


1.The CCS adapter get approval by CE, FCC, KC.
2.Not including the local tax.