Container EV Charging System

SETEC POWER Container EV charging system is the perfect solution for areas with inadequate highway or grid infrastructure.The Container EV charging system integrates energy storage and charging, charging during off-peak hours and then using the stored energy to generate value during peak hours. The system can also harness solar and wind energy if grid connections are unavailable.Standard containers are designed for easy transport, giving your business maximum flexibility and reliability.

Container EV Charging System Features

  • Standardized, pre-assembled container design, small footprint, and short construction cycle significantly reduce construction investment.
  • Modular and expandable design allows power ratings and battery pack capacity to be customized
  • The system can intelligently use solar energy to charge the battery pack, effectively reducing operating costs and environmental protection
  • Adopt a high-performance lithium battery and three-stage battery management system to ensure the service life and safety of the battery pack
  • Automatic charging after plugging in, easy to operate; fault alarm and emergency call, no need for manual inspection
  • Rugged interior and exterior construction for efficient heat dissipation and resistance to rough weather such as wind and snow
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Internal Structure

Container EV Charging System internal-1

Interior Space

Container EV Charging System internal-2

Battery Bank

Container EV Charging System internal-3

Fire Protection System

Container EV Charging System internal-4

Alarm System

Technical specifications

InputAC Grid3 phase 300-440VAC
CHAdeMOCHAdeMO input from public EV charger
CCSCCS1 or CCS2 input from public EV charger
AC typetype 1 or type 2 input from public EV charger
DC outputPower60kw-200KW
Charger plugCHAdeMOCHAdeMO cable for charging EV car
CCSCCS1 or CCS2 cable for charging EV car
GB/TGB/T cable for charging EV car (optional)
Battery SystemBattery Capacity (KWH)200-1000
Cell chemistryLithium iron phosphate LiFeP04
DoD (depth of discharge) 90%
Working Temperatecharge : -20~55℃ / Discharge: -20~ 65℃
Communication ProtocolRS485/CAN/LAN
Cycle life (0.3C )>6000 times, 100%DOD @25°C
Structure DesignCharging OutletCCS2, CCS1, Chademo, GBT are optional
Cable Length5 m (standard)
LED Indicator3 indicators
LCD screen10 inch touchscreen shows EV charger status
7 inch touchscreen battery status
Emergency Stop ButtonYes
CommunicationEN-GATE v.s.ChargerCAN 2.0(CHAdeMO,GB/T)
EN-GATE v.s.BackendEthernet/WIFI, 3G and 4G are optional
Communication ProtocolOCPP 1.6 (JSON)
Dimension and weightDimension (L x W x H)2500*6000*2642mm
Weight (KG)8000

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