DC DC Telecom Converter

Product Model : C005
Input: 190-320VDC or 90-140V DC
Output: 48V or 24V DC
Telecom DC Converter
High precision, Fast response,
Low noise, Strong anti-jamming
High efficiency, High-frequency
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DC DC Telecom Converter is used for telecommunication power supply, which provides stabel DC output from DC input. It is DC Converter to DC.

DC DC Telecom Converter Description

1. Voltage regulator, high precision, fast response, low noise, strong anti-jamming.

2. Protection functions, with RS232 communication interface.

3. Clear and intuitive display the voltage value, current value.

4. High-frequency pulse width modulation technology, high efficiency.

Model SETDC110/48-30A SETDC220/48-30A SETDC220/24-50A SETDC110/24-100A
Input characteristics 190-320VDC or 90-140V DC
Output  Feature Output voltage 48V 24V
Output DC current 30A 60A 50A 100A
Load regulation ≦0.5%
Regulation accuracy ≦0.6%
Voltage regulation ≦0.13%
Output current limiting 110% current limiting
Power factor ≧0.99
Efficiency ≧89%
Current-sharing imbalance ≦3%
Noise ≦45dB
Operation temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃
Alarm and protection Over current, over/low voltage, other protection

SET-DC3000 series mainly used for communication systems in power sectors of the substations, power plants and etc.

Utility sectors have some communication load, which need 48V or 24V DC power supply, DC-DC Telecom converter solve the power problem of mixed using electrical equipment and communications equipment, saving the purchase cost of the relevant powers devices.


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