Rectifier Battery Charger

Product Model : SET48-1000B
Input: 85v-290v
Output: 42V-59V
Battery Charger
Standard 19 inch rack
Stable DC output
Full protection function
High efficiency
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Rectifier Battery Charger Description

1. The digital tube displays output voltage, current, real-time monitoring of power working conditions.

2. Big power density, high efficiency.

3. Standard 19 inch rack, voltage levels has 48V,-48V, 24V.

4. With the battery management function, also can provide supply to the load.

5. Stable DC output, voltage regulation ≦0.1%

6. Full protection function, the input, and output, under voltage, over voltage protection.

Rectifier Battery Charger Parameter

Model SET48-1000(B) SET48-1500(B) SET24-1000(B) SET24-1200(B)
Input voltage(AC) 85V-290V 85V-290V
Output voltage(DC) 48V(42V-59V) 24V(21V-29V)
Output current(A) 20A 30A 40A 50A
Output power 1000W 1500W 1000W 1200W
Operation temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃
Relative temperature ≤97%RH
Voltage regulation ≤0.1%
Load regulation ≤0.5%
Alarm and protection Over current, under voltage , high temperature
Dimension 88*432*320(mm) H*W*D
Remark ” B” for models with battery management , and dry contact

Single unit rectifier power supply SET-CPS3000 series, mainly used for battery charge and discharge ,or power supply for the communication load, small base stations, power distribution cabinets,satellite communications, exchange office etc.

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