Home EV Charging Solar Carport System

The energy crisis in Europe has led to a massive spike in electricity prices, which has caused great difficulties for drivers who travel with electric vehicles. Before this long and cold winter is approaching, SETEC POWER introduces a new solution for customers – A home EV Charging solar carport system. Efficient solar panels that make the most of solar energy to charge your electric car will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint while avoiding energy shortages.


  • Cost savings: The total cost upfront is divided by the total amount of energy generated over its lifetime. Then it is certain that the Home EV Charging solar carport system’s cost per hour is lower than the grid energy cost. It is especially true in the current energy crisis in Europe, which will not end shortly.
  • Clean energy: Although electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, their electricity comes primarily from fossil fuels. Solar power is 100% clean energy, which minimizes the carbon footprint.
  • Reliability: The combination of solar panels and a battery storage system ensures that solar energy is not wasted and can charge your electric car despite power outages or lack of sunlight.
  • Easy installation: The Home EV Charging solar carport system is highly integrated and pre-installed, so all you have to do is stand the bracket up and screw in a few screws, and you’re ready to go.
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Charging Process

solar carport system Architecture

Technical Specifications

Solar Carport & Battery Parameters

Solar PanelsMaterialPolycrystalline Silicon
Rated Power (Pmax)10-100KW
Conversion Efficiency20%
Panel SizeCustomizable
Battery SystemBattery Capacity (KWH)30(Customizable)
Cell chemistryLithium iron phosphate LiFeP04
DoD % (depth of discharge)90%
Working Temperatecharge: -20~55℃/ Discharge: -20~ 65℃
Communication ProtocolRS485/CAN/LAN
Cycle life (0.3C )10000 times, 100%DOD @25°C

EV Charger Parameters

SystemBMS CommunicationCAN2.0[CHAdeMO]/PLC [Combo], Tesla
Charging PlugsCCS1, CCS2, Chademo, Tesla
Cooling MethodForced Ventilation
Operating temperature-25℃ to +65℃
Storage temperature-40℃ to +70℃
Relative humidity20% to 95%
EnvironmentIndoor / Outdoor
INPUTPower InputSolar & Battery
Input voltage range300-450 VAC
Power factor0.99
Current THD≤5%
Input under-voltage protectionYes
OUTPUTOutput voltage300-1000Vdc
Max. Output current100A
Output power30KW
Output over-current protectionYes
Output short-circuit protectionYes
GENERALProtection degreeIP54
Dimensions (D x W x H)Charge station 55x110x160cm

Usage Scenarios

solar charging station Show - 1

Solar Carport System Show – 1

solar charging station Show - 2

Solar Carport System Show – 2

solar charging station Show - 3

Solar Carport System Show – 3

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